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Meet The Team

Folks who created this awesome product

PagePotato Piyuesh Modi

Business Relations

Outreach & Email Marketing

Partnerships & Resourcing


Piyuesh Modi

Co-Founder | Business Relations

PagePotato Shantanu Biswas

Link Building & SEO

Google Ranking

Ahref/ MOZ/ Analytics



Shantanu Biswas

Co-Founder | Link Building

PagePotato Anushree

Web Security & Audit

Copy Writing



Anushree Sen

Web Security & Audit

PagePotato Pranoy Da

Web Development

Android Applications

CSS / HTML / WordPress


Pranoy Sinha

Web Development

PagePotato Swaraj

Content Design & Development

Guest Blog Marketing

Content Promotion

Affiliate Management


Swaraj Das Mohanty

Content strategy and Marketing

Arkya-Dey content marketer

Online Reputation and Branding

Social Media Marketing

Guest Blog Marketing

Blogger Relationship


Arkya Dey

Content strategy and Marketing

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